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Business Plan and Cash Flow projections
Arrangement of Business and Personal Finance through Spanish Banks
Project Accounting

Modern businesses need precise financial information that is useful and available in a timely manner.

We can provide accounting services to all levels, from basic accounting for tax to more sophisticated reporting for either internal or external use, on either a one-off or continuing basis.

All businesses need investment to survive and prosper and it is often the case that a business may require an injection of additional capital, either for a specific undertaking or on a longer term basis as working capital. In such cases it is necessary to approach the financial institution with a clear and concise idea of the requirements in the form of financial and cash flow projections. This will enable the lender to understand your needs but at the same time to be assured of your ability to service any loan. In this way the probabilities of a receptive attitude from the financial institution are greatly enhanced.

Through our connections with local banks we can offer a complete service in respective of document preparation with direct assistance and contact on your behalf if required.

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