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Comprehensive services for new & existing businesses, including –

Advice on setting up a business
Company and Partnership Formation
Registration of activities for Income Tax, IVA and Social Security
Spanish IVA (VAT) including sale & purchase of goods & services within the EC
Accounting to all levels of reporting
Periodic and annual income tax returns for individuals and companies
Work Contracts Employee Records and Social Security

To ensure the success of any business it is necessary to invest the required time and effort. In Spain running a business also means dealing with the Spanish bureaucracy where regulations and paperwork can soon disillusion the keenest entrepreneur. From the outset it is essential to put administrative matters in the hands of experienced professionals who can quickly and clearly communicate with you in your own language. You are then free to devote the maximum effort to the promotion of your business.

When starting a business you need to know the best solution for your own needs and to be sure that you are receiving the most competent professional advice. Many times the simplest solution is the best.

The Spanish system requires that all businesses be fully registered with the Tax Office and the Social Security before any activity is undertaken.

In addition all staff must be have official contracts and be registered with the Labour Office and the Social Security

Periodic income tax and IVA returns are required to be presented for all businesses as well as special returns for those trading with companies in the EC.

Monkerud Asesores for all your tax needs in Spain
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